eddie, build a bot in seconds!

Posted on Sat 22 April 2017 in blog • Tagged with python, eddie, chatbot

I'm really into chatbots lately.

I was tired of creating the same chatbot on different platforms, so I created eddie, a Python library that basically lets you doing the following:

  • define your bot, using a set of simplified API
  • define the endpoints (services to which you activate your bot)
  • run …

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RecruiterBot - a collaborative presentation

Posted on Mon 17 April 2017 in blog • Tagged with chatbot

Milano Chatbot

It's been a while I'm attending a meetup in Milan about chatbots.

The topic is very interesting and fast growing, furthermore, the meetup is always full of interesting people with very different skills.

For the April date, Paolo Montrasio (the meetup organiser) asked if someone had an idea to talk …

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