eddie, build a bot in seconds!

Posted on Sat 22 April 2017 in blog

I'm really into chatbots lately.

I was tired of creating the same chatbot on different platforms, so I created eddie, a Python library that basically lets you doing the following:

  • define your bot, using a set of simplified API
  • define the endpoints (services to which you activate your bot)
  • run the bot

Here an example

>>> import eddie
>>> class MyGreatBot(eddie.bot.Bot):
...     def default_response(self, in_message):
...         return "You said: " + in_message
>>> bot = MyGreatBot()
>>> bot.process("Hello!")
'You said: Hello!'

Let's say you want to deploy the bot on Telegram and Twitter (the only two platforms supported now).

Get your tokens using the services' guides, and then use them to connect the eddie's endpoints:

>>> bot.add_endpoint(eddie.endpoints.TwitterEndpoint(
...     consumer_key='your consumer_key',
...     consumer_secret='your consumer_secret',
...     access_token='your access_token',
...     access_token_secret='your access_token_secret'
... ))
>>> bot.add_endpoint(TelegramEndpoint(
...     token='123:ABC'
... ))
>>> bot.run()

Current status

Currently it is a very young library, it has just the following features:

  • connect to Telegram, Twitter and HTTP (rest)
  • define a default response
  • define commands (i.e. /start, /help)

I don't have a roadmap yet, but surely I'm going to support:

  • other endpoints like Facebook, Skype...
  • specific NLP services like api.ai, wit.ai, conversate.eu ...
  • context handling, user's details, conversation context...

There's a lot of work to do and I'm open to any collaboration. Eddie is OpenSource!

Why "eddie"

At first I staretd using pychatbot as the name of the library.

It was easy... too easy, indeed: when I decided to release the package on PyPI I found that the name was already taken!

Then I llok for another name and I found a minor character of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Eddie is the name of the shipboard computer on the starship Heart of Gold. [...] Eddie is over-excitable, quite talkative, [...] Shipboard networking interconnects Eddie with everything on the Heart of Gold [...]